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03. Mai 2022

Tour Dates Summer '22 and Tour '23... TOUR!

Happy booking!
18. Feb 2021

LOS QUE SE QUEDAN, LOS QUE SE VAN - new single out March, 26th!

Actually planned as a teaser for a digital show of our Venezuelan friends from DESORDEN PUBLICO, recording the song released the jam of spirit and enthusiasm caused by the Corona-lockdown, and it brings tropical heat into the European winter.
15. Nov 2019

New Album Out Now!

On their new studio album THE BUSTERS are obviously not in the mood for subtle insinuations. Clear-cut against racism and right-wingers and for social solidarity. True to the motto of the current tour: "One for All".

Fifteen songs with two-tone-, pogo-, dance-hall-, reggae- and rock-beats are the soundtrack for clear statements, but also the lyrical parts appear in tailored party-outfit. Anthem-like choirs, jamaican riddims, heavy guitars, britpop-borrowings, some trad ska and much punk-power. The bond for all this is the optimistically vibrating BUSTERS-sound, preparing the stage for the skills of the two vocalists, alternating between vituosic-witty toasting and brute heroic tenorism.

Resoluteness, substance, no frippery - this states the plain title of the new album: THE BUSTERS (CD/Vinyl-LP)