El concierto para la eternidad

Peace, Love And The Rest-Clip ansehen
Whiskey Til I Drop-Clip ansehen
Das Konzert fr die Ewigkeit-Trailer ansehen

2 DVDs for all…

…those who don't want to wait until The Busters appear on BBC History!

The 65 min documentary contains more original statements than you've ever heard on stage, by each member, uncensored!

Plus so far classified photos, the skank-o-mat scandal and for the few who are more into music there's also Das Konzert für die Ewigkeit, complete, with all the mistakes and, of course, all the highlights!



  • Concert movie "Das Konzert für die Ewigkeit" – 147 min.



  • Band documentation "Eine Band für die Ewigkeit" – 61 min.
  • Skank-O-Mat Videoclip
  • MP3s of all songs from the concert movie
  • large slide show with pics from the build-up, preparation and, of course, from the concert itself