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03. May 2022

Tour Dates Summer '22 and Tour '23... TOUR!

Happy booking!
18. Feb 2021

LOS QUE SE QUEDAN, LOS QUE SE VAN - new single out March, 26th!

Actually planned as a teaser for a digital show of our Venezuelan friends from DESORDEN PUBLICO, recording the song released the jam of spirit and enthusiasm caused by the Corona-lockdown, and it brings tropical heat into the European winter.
15. Nov 2019

New Album Out Now!

On their new studio album THE BUSTERS are obviously not in the mood for subtle insinuations. Clear-cut against racism and right-wingers and for social solidarity. True to the motto of the current tour: "One for All".

Fifteen songs with two-tone-, pogo-, dance-hall-, reggae- and rock-beats are the soundtrack for clear statements, but also the lyrical parts appear in tailored party-outfit. Anthem-like choirs, jamaican riddims, heavy guitars, britpop-borrowings, some trad ska and much punk-power. The bond for all this is the optimistically vibrating BUSTERS-sound, preparing the stage for the skills of the two vocalists, alternating between vituosic-witty toasting and brute heroic tenorism.

Resoluteness, substance, no frippery - this states the plain title of the new album: THE BUSTERS (CD/Vinyl-LP)
16. Aug 2019

Tour 2020 - ONE FOR ALL

THE BUSTERS are soon back on the road:

27.12.2019 FRANKFURT/M. / Das Bett
28.12.2019 BREMEN / Schlachthof
29.12.2019 BIELEFELD / Forum
30.12.2019 KÖLN / Kantine
03.01.2020 KARLSRUHE / Substage
04.01.2020 TÜBINGEN / Sudhaus
10.01.2020 RAVENSBURG / Konzerthaus
11.01.2020 MÜNCHEN / Backstage
17.01.2020 DRESDEN / Scheune
18.01.2020 DÜSSELDORF / Zakk
24.01.2020 BOCHUM / Bhf Langendreer
25.01.2020 GIESSEN / Jokus
31.01.2020 HANNOVER / Faust
01.02.2020 BERLIN / SO36
07.02.2020 HEIDELBERG / Karlstor-Bhf
08.02.2020 FREIBURG / Jazzaus
14.02.2020 BRAUNSCHWEIG / Westand
15.02.2020 HAMBURG / Fabrik

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04. Sep 2018


All shows are confirmed. Get your ticket soon!

27.12.2018    FRANKFURT/M. / DAS BETT
28.12.2018    BREMEN / SCHLACHTHOF
29.12.2018    BIELEFELD / FORUM
30.12.2018    KÖLN / HELIOS37
04.01.2019    KARLSRUHE / SUBSTAGE
05.01.2019    KONSTANZ / KULA
12.01.2019    DORTMUND / RSE
19.01.2019    DÜSSELDORF / ZAKK
25.01.2019    LUDWIGSBURG / SCALA
26.01.2019    MÜNCHEN / BACKSTAGE
01.02.2019    DRESDEN / SCHEUNE
08.02.2019    HANNOVER / FAUST
09.02.2019    BERLIN / SO36
15.02.2019    GIESSEN / JOKUS
16.02.2019    HAMBURG / FABRIK
22.02.2019    FREIBURG / JAZZHAUS

Click here for detailed information and links to ticket outlets
04. Apr 2018


THE BUSTERS are invited to play in Bogota, Mexico-City und Monterrey, with the highlight-festival in "Carpa Astros" on June, 2nd. Still rubbing the dazzle from our own eyes...
05. Dec 2017

FENZL on the Busters' stage in Munich

in Munich (Jan, 6th 2018) THE BUSTERS are supported by our good friend Michael Unfried FENZL!
The former Django 3000-doublebass-player starts his new Soloproject!
05. Dec 2017

VIDEOPREMIERE "SKA IS ..." 06.12.2017

Taken from THE BUSTERS' new album STRAIGHT AHEAD: featuring our new singer JOE IBRAHIM
now on Youtube
30. Nov 2017


If you want to check out our new arrangement (and new numbers), we cordially invite you to (skank out / rock out) on our upcoming tour. On December 27th, The Busters will be running at full throttle with bellies still full of Christmas dinner!

27.12.2017    FRANKFURT / DAS BETT
28.12.2017    BREMEN / SCHLACHTHOF
29.12.2017    BIELEFELD / FORUM
30.12.2017    KÖLN / LMH
05.01.2018    KARLSRUHE / SUBSTAGE
06.01.2018    MÜNCHEN / TECHNIKUM
19.01.2018    MARBURG / KFZ
20.01.2018    DÜSSELDORF / ZAKK
26.01.2018    DRESDEN / SCHEUNE
02.02.2018    HEIDELBG. / KARLSTOR-BHF
03.02.2018    COESFELD / FABRIK
09.02.2018    HANNOVER / FAUST
10.02.2018    BERLIN / SO36
16.02.2018    BOCHUM / BHF LANGENDR.
17.02.2018    HAMBURG / FABRIK
23.02.2018    FREIBURG / JAZZHAUS
24.02.2018    TÜBINGEN / SUDHAUS

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30. Nov 2017

New CD STRAIGHT AHEAD finally out!

THE BUSTERS' journey continues: unimpeded, and after 17 albums and 31 years the course is still unmistakably clear: Straight ahead!

STRAIGHT AHEAD, the new album from THE BUSTERS (amazon - iTunes), has 17 fresh new tracks, featuring Joe Ibrahim, from the Heidelberg band, "Megaton", as the new front man, together with Richie Alexander, to set the stage.
29. Nov 2015

Back in New York!

The new liveclip of THE BUSTERS! Come join us.

From the current album SUPERSONIC ESKALATOR.

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20. Nov 2015

Ca Plane Pour Moi - French Toast!

The new video of THE BUSTERS. From the current album SUPERSONIC SCRATCH.

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01. Nov 2015


The new liveclip from THE BUSTERS! Stronger than ever!

From the current album SUPERSONIC ESKALATOR.

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18. Oct 2015

Evil Eve - The Video!

The new Arthouse-Video from THE BUSTERS. Featured on the current album SUPERSONIC ESKALATOR.

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21. Sep 2015

Heidi? Hidee!

We recorded a cover version of Django 3000s song "Heidi" for their digital only "Heidi Reloaded EP".

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17. Jun 2015

New video: Supersonic Eskalator!

From the album "Supersonic Eskalator".
Please escalate and skank down! Play
22. Dec 2010

All lyrics online!

We worked it out. From now on you'll find all our lyrics at our website.

The Busters Lyrics